The Unwrapped Potential of AI Wrappers

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An AI wrapper is a custom digital experience that is powered by AI.

Let's unwrap the misunderstood world of “AI wrappers." An AI wrapper is a custom digital experience that is powered by AI. A lot of these have names that end with the letters GPT like RecipeGPT, TravelGPT, ResumeGPT, etc.

What's an AI Wrapper?

AI wrappers are tools that let you send inputs like text, images, or PDFs to AI, along with specific instructions, so the AI can process and do something useful with that input.

They are interfaces that communicate with AI APIs to process and return data. Think of them as the friendly face of complex AI systems, making AI accessible to everyone, not just coders or ChatGPT users.

Why the Bad (W)rap?

In the world of tech and VC, there's a notion that AI wrappers are just superficial layers, not 'real' businesses that create value. While it's true that the core value lies in the AI technology itself, the user experience that wrappers can enable is still significant to the end user. They make AI accessible to everyone, allowing people without technical skills to use advanced AI in their daily lives and work.

Real-world Successes

Consider – a thriving business built around AI wrapping. They've made AI functionalities for question-answering a PDF document accessible to all. This isn't just about technology; it's about creating real utility for real people.

Brand Innovation In Action by PetSmart

PetSmart's Rescue Writer uses AI to quickly create engaging pet bios, which often go unwritten, to increase adoptions and help ease shelter overcrowding. Launched nationwide during National Adoption Week, it created 16,000+ profiles in its first month, showcasing PetSmart's commitment to their brand promise, "Anything For Pets," and establishing them as a leader in using AI for good.

Opportunities for Marketers

As marketers, we strive to create memorable brand experiences. AI wrappers offer a new way to innovate, cutting out the need for deep tech expertise or big investments. They open doors to brand innovation, helping us improve customer service, tailor content, or introduce new brand features.

What's great about AI wrappers is they're straightforward and useful. In a world full of complex tech, a well-made AI wrapper can really make a difference. It's not about adding complexity; it's about making things better and easier for more people.

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