Innovative Brands need an Innovation Team

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To be innovative, brands need an innovation team. Also, your product team won't get you there.

The digital innovation teams help make the impossible possible. This is done by swinging for the fences and taking risks. Deutsch LA's Head of Technology Marc Gowland shares the best ways to form a digital innovation team to meet clients' Generative AI needs.

It's become impossible to avoid discussing Generative AI in client meetings. In order to meet these client demands, a digital innovation team is a must. The team serves as the prototype and integration arm of the digital platform team. It can be a small team consisting of a digital creative and a couple developers. They should move fast and focus on the questions - “how can we use this new Generative AI technology?" and “how can this be part of the larger digital ecosystem"?

Here are three ways that brands can create a Digital Innovation team within their organization.

1. Start with a culture of innovation.

Innovation often requires taking risks and experimenting with the latest Generative AI APIs. The digital innovation Team, and the broader organization as a whole, can't be afraid of failure. Rather, they must look at failure as a learning opportunity.

2. Staff the team with diverse skill sets.

Technology, including Generative AI, is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Team member expertise should cover a broad spectrum of applications, languages and frameworks without being set in their ways. These developers get excited about what they don't know as much as what they do know. This is exactly what is needed to unlock the potential of Generative AI for a brand.

3. Structure the digital innovation team to act like cousins not siblings.

The digital innovation team should act like a cousin that knows all the family secrets and can come for dinner without instigating an argument. But, unlike a sibling, they live independently. This provides them the freedom to ideate and develop prototypes independent of platform sprint cycles. The key is to move fast. As innovation ideas near a production-ready state, the digital innovation team can work with the brand to ensure the rollout is a success.

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